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We offer several transparent, flat-fee, packages for startups to help them hit the ground running so they know what their initial startup legal costs are. Having a startup lawyer properly handle the corporate formation of your entity and important founder agreements today, could prevent costly litigation in the future. The packages include basic formation documents for a Corporation or LLC, agreements between the founders and third parties, and trademark services.


$ 2000.00

  • One (1) hour consultation with our attorney.
  • Filing of Certificate of Incorporation (corporation) or Certificate of Formation (LLC).*
  • Bylaws (corporation) or Operating Agreement (LLC).
  • Form Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement for use with a variety of business relationships.
  • A minute book including and initial board resolutions and issuance of stock/membership interests to founders/members.
  • Founder’s Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement (corporation).
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
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$ 3000.00

  • Includes Silver items plus:
  • An additional one (1) hour consultation with our attorney.
  • Confidential Information and IP Assignment Agreement (CIIAA) (assignment of IP, confidentiality, non-solicit and non-compete) for Founders.
  • Independent Contractor Agreement.
  • At-Will Employee Offer Letter.
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$ 4500.00

  • Includes Gold items plus:
  • Incentive Equity Plan (grants of options and restricted stock/units for employees or directors, officers, and consultants) and related grant documents.
  • Employee Agreements for non-executive employees.
  • Trademark search and registration (for one class of goods).*
  • Website Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
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*May be subject to standard government filing fees. Contact us today if you have any questions about the packages below.